Sunday, November 24, 2013

Around the World With Sharks

Reading Fly Guy Presents Sharks to Nutmeg, a therapy dog, November 2013.
I am reading Fly Guy Presents Sharks by Tedd Arnold.  I got to read this book to Nutmeg, a therapy dog who came to our school for a poetry event.  Some fun facts about sharks is that they are fish. There are over 400 different types of sharks in the world and they all have amazing abilities.  They live in bodies of water all over the world - even in lakes and rivers!  I have never seen a shark in the ocean or a lake or a river before - have you?  I've only seen sharks at the aquarium.  I go to Cape Cod in the summer and Shark Week is in August.  The town of Chatham has lots of shark sightings (lots of great white sharks) during the summer because of the seals.  We do not going swimming in Chatham in August!

Some more fun facts: A shark's skeleton is made of cartilage. Sharks don't have any bones.  I have a shark tooth necklace because shark teeth fall out all the time and they grow new teeth.  They also have many rows of teeth, but only the front row is used for eating.  Sharks use their sharp teeth to rip its prey and they swallow it without even chewing!  

Not all sharks eat meat. The whale shark is the largest shark in the world. It eats a small plant called plankton and other tiny plants. I learned that most sharks have rough skin made of denticles.  It feels hard and sharp. Denticles protect sharks from harm.  Nurse sharks have smoother skin than most sharks and it feels like sandpaper.  My favorite shark is the tiger shark and he is the most aggressive along with the bull shark and great white shark.

Did you know that the goblin shark is pink?  I hope someone has seen a goblin shark before, so you can tell me more about them.  Please tell me where you live and fun facts about sharks that live near you.  I'm going to map all the shark facts on a world map.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where in the world are you?

This weekend I helped my mom blog, The Tweet Heard Around the World. We got comments from lots of different countries. We got all 50 states and Texas and California both had the most comments with 12 responses each. Canada had the most comments of all with 22 responses. We heard from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Dubai, Italy, France, South Africa, Singapore, Finland, Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Istanbul, Albania, New Zealand, Guinea, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Romania, China, Germany, Denmark and Russia. It was so much fun to find all these places on a world map.

Please let me know where you are from and a fun fact about your location. We will find you on our map.

*Here's a link to my guest post on Angela Maiers' blog: Around the World With Curran. My mom got to meet Angela at #ISTE14 and here's her message to me: