Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Animals in the Rainforest

For the end of the school year we are researching rainforest animals.

I asked my friend and author, Jerry Pallotta and he said I should research the cloudrunner.
The cloudrunner is also called a cloud rat and can be found in Panay, an island in the Philippines. They live in the treetops and eat fruit and leaves.  

Jerry also told me I should research leaf cutter ants which made me think about his Who Would Win books. I think Jerry should write his next book on Leaf Cutter vs. Army Ants or Bullet Ants.  
Leaf Cutter Ants Vs.
Army Ants Vs.
Bullet Ants
 Who do you think would win?

Here are the questions I need to answer for my project:
  1. What is the name of your rainforest animal?
  2. What does your animal look like?
  3. What type of body covering does your animal have?
  4. Which rainforest layer is your animal's home - forest floor, understory, canopy, or emergent layer?
  5. How does your animal move?
  6. What does your animal like to eat?
  7. Name some of your animal's enemies.
  8. List 5 interesting facts you have learned about your rainforest animal.
  9. Draw a picture of your rainforest animal in its natural habitat.
  10. Draw a chart that shows the food chain of this animal.  Remember to include plants, water, prey, etc.
Which animal should I research? What is your favorite rainforest animal and why? Share pictures and links too!

Here's my first Glossi: